This was a gift for a local food vlogger at the beginning of the year. Months on and we became good friends and have worked on several local projects together including the Worthing Food and Drink Festival where I made the first prize for the best food a drink stand and the first prize for the Chestnut tree house charity raffle.

Chizzy Sussex Food Vlogger has over 12k followers and works with many brands locally in Sussex.

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This is what he said when I presented him with the art:

When Chizzy Worthing’s Restaurant and food vlogger ???? gets gifted this amazing piece of street art by one of Worthing’s up and coming graffiti artist Killer Pete It’s so nice to support local people and businesses, it’s what every town needs to keep them thriving. Shop, spend and eat local #supportyourtown and the people in it.
Don’t forget to head over to Instagram @chizzy_sussex_food_vlogger and check out the virtual tours of Worthing’s restaurants and local eateries and give him a follow

He also had a pair of sunglasses with his name all over them.