This Snail doesn’t leave a trail of slime thank goodness ???? This colourful art sculpture is around 6 inches high and spans just short of 10 inches. Sprayed with various bright graffiti paints and detailed with black acrylic paint and then a matt spray varnish.

Temporary Name Until NEW owner is Found!

It has been suggested that this Snail should be given a choice of names until a new owner is found – “Gary” or “Patricia”

While I was writing the bio for my Instagram page earlier I was actually wondering “why” real snails actually have a trail of gel mucus underneath them. From a bit of quick research, although this helps them move easier, the main purpose of the slime is to help them stick to what was described as almost any surface.

It always makes me feel awful if I tread on a snail when I go out in the dark, perhaps if I painted a few real snails I could save a few? It would be a lot easier for me and others to see them easier, especially if I use some of my “glow in the dark” spray paint on the shells.