Brighton and Hove 

Life Lines – Spray Painting On Wooden Cradle Board

Life Lines – Spray Painting On Wooden Cradle Board

An artist perspective of one of the memorable and most iconic colours that stuck in my head from flags to winning lines for Martini racing in the 80s. It is so easy to lose track of time when you’ve got your head down. My advice is to look up if you want to slow your...

Scratch The Surface – Spray Paint On Canvas

Scratch The Surface – Spray Paint On Canvas

If you only scratch the surface you might not do enough to understand or solve the problem. This is my visual interpretation and reminder that scratching the surface is still better than doing nothing at all. Canvas size is 100 x 120cm / 40 x 48 inches.

If you love art, you’ll love Brighton, well and Hove as they were brought together as one city in the year 2000.

Brighton is full of colourful street art ranging from the normal Graffiti tags to full buildings murals. Many houses, businesses and shop fronts have been given a colourful and creative personality, you just want to take photos, well I do anyway. This is great publicity for the businesses the art is on as people share it across social media platforms!

Brighton is certainly a place that is well photographed and has become one of the most used hashtag on Instagram, especially related to pictures of graffiti street art. When I last checked the hashtag on Instagram #Brighton, had a whopping 6,855,500 posts/photographs and most were related to graffiti street art, graffiti tags and spray paintings.

I think experiencing day trips to Brighton as a child and seeing the art scene is where my love of art secretly began. Then in 2017, meeting one of the most iconic and prolific graffiti artists in the world named “AROE” inspired me to paint. This was the very first time I picked up a spray can and got creative and started designing sunglasses. This friendship allowed me to watch, learn and experience art in a totally different way from what I remember art being like at school. In under two years, I was selling some of my art all around the world.

Here is one of my many fun trips out with AROE.


This typical day out with AROE was filmed around Brighton and it doesn’t really capture the city, but it does show that people embrace art, even inside the shops, like the barbershop you saw in the video. Art was never the norm for me, but it certainly is now, and I love it!

Aroe jets around the world painting on trains, buildings and often creates original canvases and runs of prints for top galleries that sell for thousands. His latest project is creating unique crypto art!

Brighton is full of diversity, people, food and beliefs, a great city to experience if you get the opportunity. My advice is to book a trip to Brighton and Hove and experience what it has to offer.