A coat hanger or as some people call them “clothes hangers” is probably one of the most boring looking necessities in a home, office or shop. These original bright designs can change that. They certainly make a unique gift if you’re looking for a present for someone that has everything.

Over the past couple of years I have spent hundreds of pounds trying to find the best graffiti paint to use for my art. Some are too thick, some to thin, some don’t work on certain items and some don’t work at all! It’s been a long and expensive journey so far! I tried over 10 different paint companies just to make the longest-lasting original sunglasses. Take a look in the eyewear section if you haven’t seen it yet

The colours on these coat hangers are super vibrant, eye-catching and you won’t miss them in a cupboard or open wardrobe. My inspiration came from the colours of trainers in the 80’s and 90’s. Not many younger people will remember the craze for the super coloured leg warmers!!

After I have added colour and style to coat hangers and they have cured properly for a few days I can personalise them by adding names in the corner of each hanger. I have to carefully rub away the paint and try to keep all hangers looking consistent with each other. I am sometimes asked to take my coat hanger designs even further and draw all over them. An example can be seen on these original coathangers I did for “Aries Design Fashion“.

If you’re interested in some completely original designs and have a specific colour in mind then drop me a message.