Fabrizio Valastro & Sav Mela owners of Giuseppes Lite in Worthing are an incredible local duo. They have added so much value to my local town, especially Warwick Street where their business premises are situated.

Over the year since they first opened the doors, they have inspired many other small business owners including me with their passion for hard work and determination to build a successful business. When they told me they were opening another Italian food business in Brighton I was genuinely excited and pleased for them. I wanted to make something original and authentic as a moving in present so I decided an art canvas and arrow with the colours from the Italian flag would tick the boxes

The new business will be situated at 12 Market Street Brighton and it will be called “SICILY GUSTO” I can’t wait to see the branding. The doors could even be open before Christmas, fingers crossed! 

I know for sure they will absolutely love being in Brighton and much as people in Brighton will love having them there. Brighton is one of the best cities in the UK so it is a recipe for love.

I now have a great excuse to come over to Brighton more often.